Four Generations

nullThis morning, we were blessed to accompany my mom and dad as they returned to church for the first time since their accident. My dad seemed more like himself while we were worshipping; he even got up to thank everyone for all that the church has done for them over the past several weeks. It was an emotional morning for him after being away from his church family for about a month. We were so glad to be there with him, and Caleb was the well-behaved baby that he always is until he peed on his mom about 15 minutes before church was over. How do you recover from that when you’re sitting on the front row?! Fortunately, it dried quickly.

After church, the Picker men posed on the back porch. I feel so blessed to be part of the generations of Picker men that have served the Lord. I am grateful for all that my dad and my grandfather have taught me about being a man of God and hope to instill these same values in Caleb. I know that one day he will appreciate his wonderful heritage of faith.


  1. What a blessing to see 4 generations of Picker men together and well. We know the positive impact you men have had on the kingdom and also acknowledge that same impact the Picker women have made over the years. We are thankful beyond words that you were able to again attend services together. We continue to pray for complete healing.

    Steve and Karen

  2. Fred, Kurt, Casey and Caleb:

    It is a joy to see you together, basking in your wonderful Christian heritage!

    Let’s just stay slow and steady in the continued recovery. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I am glad life is slowly returning to normal. Returning to worhip is a nice step forward, there will be many more. I’ll look forward to hearing a recording of your Dad’s next sermon.

    Grateful for continued healing,


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