A little grace in the morning . . .

I always wanted to be a mom . . . always.  I never dreamed much about a profession or a career, but I always dreamed about motherhood.  When I was a little girl, I dreamed about my babies, feeding them and cuddling them, and speaking to them in what Marilynne Robinson refers to as the “maternal imperative.”  As a grew older, I dreamed of my stair-stepped children sitting at my feet while I read them great literature, starting with Dickens and Twain, and moving on to Shakespeare and George Elliot.  Of course, they would love and respect me, and I would be the embodiment of motherly love . . . always kind, always patient, always wise, always sympathetic.  My children would be perfectly obedient and respectful.  They would never run wild through public places or interrupt important conversations.  Our home would be filled with peace, love, and generosity . . . basically Bob Cratchit’s family, without the debilitating poverty.

I struggle with high standards and expectations, a bit. Continue reading

For Life


Several years ago, there was a woman, just a girl really, whom I have since met, who found herself unexpectedly pregnant.  Nothing about her situation was ideal, and I can only imagine the absolute terror she must have felt when she discovered her predicament.  There must have been so many nights of tears, so many moments of fear.  I do not know what kind of options she had, but I know that abortion of some form was available to her.  I do not know why she chose life for her baby.  The odds were against her in every way. Continue reading

Hemmed In

I think I screeched through the end of 2014 with my heels dug in and my hands pushed out.  Sometime around the end of November I started having a lot of fears and doubts about our plans.  It’s one thing to think about all the exciting things that are ahead, but it’s another thing to realize all of the things and people we are leaving behind.


We had such a beautiful Christmas, but I think part of my fear stemmed from having no earthly idea what Christmas will look like for us next year.  It’s not that my entire life is made or broken by the perfection of that one holiday, but Christmas is a time when we pull close to everything we love most, and I couldn’t do that this year without realizing that next year I’m going to be far, far away from so much of that. Continue reading

2014 in the Books

This year I had a goal of reading 50 books, and I fell a bit short, finishing the year with 45 completed books.  Of course, that doesn’t count all of the books that I started this year but didn’t finish.  I’ve decided that at 33, I am officially old enough to not waste my time reading a book I’m not enjoying or learning from, so I’ve given myself permission to drop the ones that aren’t cutting it and move on to something better.

I really love using Goodreads to track all of my reading (if you’re on there, let’s be friends).  I had forgotten about some of the books I read earlier in the year, but because I’ve kept a list (and consistently entered my “finished” dates), I’m able to see everything I read.

Here are some of my favorite reads from 2014: Continue reading

That’s Why

I know God loves me, that’s why He sent people to help me.

When Casey and I took the Perspectives course a few years ago, one of the first things we learned was that our God is a Missionary God, a sending God.  He has always loved people by pursuing and rescuing them.  And once He pursues and rescues us, He asks us to join Him in His mission.

We’re so excited to get on the ground in Ethiopia with Lifesong because we truly believe the ZAT Project is a part of God’s mission to our students and their families in Ziway and Adami Tulu. His love for them is huge, and He will do whatever it takes for them to come to know how much He loves them.  You can see evidence of that love being made manifest in the message of this grandmother/care-taker in the video below.



Watching her conviction almost brings me to tears every time. She knows the Lord loves her, and He sent these people (Lifesong schools and staff) because He loves her.

Can you help us spread that love in Ethiopia?  We’re trying to meet our goal of having 65% of our Monthly Support committed by the end of the year.  Right now we’re at 55%.

If you would like to begin a Monthly Commitment, you can do so here.  From now until June, all funds donated as Monthly Support will go towards our One-Time Expenses.

If you would like to make a Monthly Commitment, but don’t want to begin contributing until we get to Ethiopia in June, would you go ahead and make that commitment to us?  It will really help us to know what you have in mind.  You can message us on Facebook or connect with us through our Contact Page.

God is weaving together a Support Team for us that is vast and diverse.  Right now, we have commitments from $10 to $1,000 a month.  There is no gift that is insignificant.  We all give out of what He has blessed us with.  Please consider joining our team.