That’s Why

I know God loves me, that’s why He sent people to help me.

When Casey and I took the Perspectives course a few years ago, one of the first things we learned was that our God is a Missionary God, a sending God.  He has always loved people by pursuing and rescuing them.  And once He pursues and rescues us, He asks us to join Him in His mission.

We’re so excited to get on the ground in Ethiopia with Lifesong because we truly believe the ZAT Project is a part of God’s mission to our students and their families in Ziway and Adami Tulu. His love for them is huge, and He will do whatever it takes for them to come to know how much He loves them.  You can see evidence of that love being made manifest in the message of this grandmother/care-taker in the video below.



Watching her conviction almost brings me to tears every time. She knows the Lord loves her, and He sent these people (Lifesong schools and staff) because He loves her.

Can you help us spread that love in Ethiopia?  We’re trying to meet our goal of having 65% of our Monthly Support committed by the end of the year.  Right now we’re at 55%.

If you would like to begin a Monthly Commitment, you can do so here.  From now until June, all funds donated as Monthly Support will go towards our One-Time Expenses.

If you would like to make a Monthly Commitment, but don’t want to begin contributing until we get to Ethiopia in June, would you go ahead and make that commitment to us?  It will really help us to know what you have in mind.  You can message us on Facebook or connect with us through our Contact Page.

God is weaving together a Support Team for us that is vast and diverse.  Right now, we have commitments from $10 to $1,000 a month.  There is no gift that is insignificant.  We all give out of what He has blessed us with.  Please consider joining our team.

Our 2014 Goal


We talk a lot about the ways God has stretched us, changed us, and grown us since we first began Josiah’s adoption process in 2008.  One of the biggest ways God has used this journey to change us is in the way we view money and it’s role in His Kingdom.  When we first decided to adopt, we were overwhelmed by the thought of the expense.  We knew with certainty that God was calling us to take that step, but we had no idea where the money was going to come from.   But, over the next year, slowly, little by little, in a multitude of ways, God provided what we needed.  He provided  us with Continue reading

My Afternoon with Rahmet


Rahmet’s 2014 School Picture

Last week I got to spend a day in Adami Tulu, one of my favorite spots on earth.  I fell in love with these kids over three years ago when we visited for the first time, and it’s so fun to return and see how much they’ve grown.  On this trip, I had the special privilege of walking home from school with one of our third graders.

Rahmet held my hand for the entire walk from the school to her home.   Continue reading

All the Stuff

I think most of us would be quick to say that our stuff is not important; it’s our family, our friends, our relationships that matter to us.  It could all burn down tomorrow, and as long as we are all safe, and the people we love are close to us, we know we’ll be fine.

It’s one thing to say that . . . it’s another thing when it stares you right in the face.

We’ve started the huge process of slowly sorting through our things in preparation for our move.  And we know that most of this stuff, these odds and ends that have surrounded our lives for years, will either be sold or trashed.  We can take very little with us to Ethiopia (shipping is outrageous and baggage is limited), and we realize that storing stuff that we may or may not need in the future is a waste of space and money.  So we’re sifting and sorting, and I find myself packing boxes in my mind and envisioning our future without a trampoline or a food processor.  Yeah, it’s ridiculous, especially to see it in print, but I’ve found the prospect of this process more challenging than I expected.

Casey and I actually had a conversation about his shop vac the other day; yes, his shop vac, Continue reading